3rd Annual Launch Her Future

Women's Leadership Breakfast


Cynthia McClain-Hill

Vice President, Board of

Water and Power Commissioners

Ann McElaney-Johnson

President, Mount Saint Mary’s University 



Holly J. Mitchell

California State Senator

Sen. Mitchell has championed women and girls’ issues in California for decades and was an early supporter of our unique school. ​

“Gender bias is real, and once we confront it directly, we'll be in a better position to have a meaningful conversation about how we can change it.”

Jemina Bernard 

Executive Director, 
Student Leadership Network

Jemina Bernard and the Student Leadership Network have pioneered public, all-girls STEM education and college careers in New York and now nationally, and continue to guide and inspire our work at GALA.

Dr. Maria Klawe

President, Harvey Mudd College

Dr. Maria Klawe is a true champion of women in STEM. She is a renowned computer scientist and scholar and became Harvey Mudd College's fifth president in 2006. President Klawe is the first women to lead the College since it's founding in 1955. Since Dr. Klawe joined Harvey Mudd College, femlae enrollment has increased to 49% of their undergrad.

Girls Academic Leadership Academy (GALA) is the first all-girls public school within the Los Angeles Unified School District. 

GALA’s mission is to provide a highly rigorous college preparatory curriculum, in grades 6-12, focused on Science, Math, Technology, and Engineering (S.T.E.M). Located in the heart of Los Angeles, GALA’s student body is comprised of a highly diverse student body of girls that draws from 112 different schools and 79 unique zip codes within Los Angeles, representing a richly varied ethnic and socio-economic community.

GALA’s exceptional teaching staff is committed to providing the highest level of intellectual preparation through a whole-child, project-based approach, with a daily advisory period to build social and emotional intelligence, leadership and career building skills, in addition to comprehensive Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math coursework. Rounding out the core academic curriculum is a budding enrichment program of modern dance, art club, sports, FlightSim club, and robotics club.

Sponsor or Volunteer Info

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